Janowicz Meltdown: Australian Open Sees Huge Rant by Poland's Jerzy Janowicz (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube screenshot/australianopentv)Jerzy Janowicz's meltdown already has over 33,000 views on YouTube.

Jerzy Janowicz's meltdown at the Australian Open has stunned tennis fans and has gone viral on video sharing site, YouTube.

The tennis world is focusing on the Australian Open this week as the Grand Slam tournament kicked off, and within days of the tournament opening the number 24 seed has made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Janowicz was facing a first set tie break against Somdev Devvarman of India this week.

The tie breaker was an extremely tense affair and with neither player being able to capitalize the tie breaker became an extended event. Janowicz eventually found himself up by 9-8 when Devvarman hit a shot down the line that umpire Marija Cicak called in.

The Polish player was clearly angry at the call, and he expressed his thoughts on the matter to the umpire.

What unravelled was an embarrassing tirade by Janowicz, who clearly let his thoughts known that this was not the first bad call made by umpire Cicak in the match.

He eventually spat on the line screaming, "How many times?"

He also told the official that his repeated bad calls had made it not "fun" to play tennis.

The rant continued as Janowicz approached the umpire's chair and he was eventually called for an unsportsmanlike conduct violation.

"I was just worried about his voice," Devvarman said after the match. "I mean, the guy was yelling at the top of his lungs and I was like, 'Dude, just calm down.'"

Things got worse for Janowicz, and following his meltdown he eventually went on to lose the tiebreaker, 12-10.

Obviously still furious he threw a water bottle across the court and hit the umpire's chair.

Janowicz then lost the next set 3-6 as he seemed to completely lose his composure.

However, he eventually did manage to re-compose himself and he went on to claim the third set and the final two sets to win the match by three sets to two.

"You can't control your emotions all the time," Janowicz said after the match. "Actually, I went nuts. I calmed down little bit later on. Sometimes I have problem to control by emotions, but I'm trying to work on this."

Jerzy Janowicz's epic meltdown can be seen in the video below: