Japan Car Crash 'Most Expensive in History' (VIDEO)

The most expensive car pileup in history occurred on Sunday near Hiroshima.

The exhibition of flashy sports cars that crashed included eight Ferraris, three Mercedes-Benzes and a Lamborghini, and the combined damage is estimated to cost more than $3.85 million, according to BBC News.

Automobile enthusiasts going at 85 to 100mph when one of the Ferraris hit the crash barrier while trying to change lanes, starting the multi-car pileup in the southern prefecture of Yamaguchi, drove the convoy.

Eiichiro Kamitani, a highway patrol lieutenant spoke to AFP news and said he had never seen such a thing, especially considering how rare it is to see so many Ferraris together. Although 10 people received minor injuries, no one was seriously hurt.

The group of sports cars, consisting of 20 vehicles in total, had at least 14 caught in the pileup. The damages were extensive, and some were reported as “beyond repair.”

Authorities said they did not believe the accident was caused by attempts at drag racing, but possibly due to the wet road conditions. A 60-year-old man who failed to complete the turn in time drove the Ferrari that was leading the pack and crashed into the guardrail.

A detailed listing of the damaged cars was shared by New Zealand’s Stuff website. It included two Ferrari F430s at $400,000 each, Ferrari 360 Modenas at $200,000, two Ferrari F355s at $150,000, a Lamborghini Diablo at $200,000, and a few cheaper Japanese Nissan and Toyota super-cars.

A video released by The Telegraph showed a prime view of the damaged super-cars waiting to be removed.

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