Japan Whopper has 1,050 Bacon Slices (VIDEO)

A man in japan tried unsuccessfully to eat a burger with over 1,000 slices of bacon, taking a promotion to new heights.

Burger King Japan is now offering, as part of their new promotion, the option for customers to add an additional 15 slices of bacon to their order for a mere 100 Yen or $1.24.

But that was not enough for one man who wanted to add the 15 slices 70 times to one burger, which comes out to nearly $90 in bacon alone.

Japanese website RocketNews was behind the mega "baconator." It added 1,050 strips of bacon to a regular whopper which cost $86.85 in bacon.

The video, which was posted on YouTube, shows the man in an unsuccessful bid to eat the super bacon burger.

This Burger King store is not the first one to offer the ability of creating a truly calorie-packed burger. In Las Vegas, a person who was eating at the Heart Attack Grill went into cardiac arrest while attempting to eat a specialty item named the "Triple Bypass Burger."

The restaurant in Las Vegas has been featured on food shows as well as in several foodie magazines for the theme behind the restaurant. The wait-staff dresses in nurses outfits while customers are called patients.

Meals routinely exceed the suggested daily caloric intake and one item, the "quadruple bypass burger," exceeds 8,000 calories- more than three times the recommended calories one person should eat in a day.

The restaurants decor adds to the bad health theme. There are signs around the eatery that glorify unhealthy eating habits and even have items called Flatliner Fries and Butterfat Milkshakes on the menu.

The staff at the Heart Attack Grill goes to great lengths to support unhealthy food habits. One of the rules at the diner is if someone weighs over 350 pounds they are allowed to eat for free.

Click below to see the Japanese man attempt to eat the bacon-stacked burger from Burger King.