Jason Crabb Releasing New CD, 'Love is Stronger'

Grammy Award-winning Christian artist Jason Crabb has announced the release of his new CD "Love is Stronger" for next month.

Furthermore, the musician and former lead singer of The Crabb Family opened up about the forthcoming album while speaking to The Christian Post this week.

"Love Is Stronger" will feature eleven new songs by the reigning Dove Awards Artist of the Year winner, including the track "Give," which LeAnn Rimes has also previously recorded.

Crabb attributed the feel of the album and his growth as an artist to not only his love for God, but also his love for his children.

"My kids are growing up," the singer said while speaking to CP. "They're 7 and 10 and I've tried to get them to listen to my music. I want them to like it, they are my gauges."

"I want to offer tunes that we felt were strong," the singer added. "I'm in a really great season of my life right now, me and my wife are going on 15 years [of marriage] and we have two beautiful daughters- I am more sensitive to things."

Comparing fatherhood to Our Heavenly Father, Crabb said his children were the reason that his love strengthened for God.

"I think God teaches me his love for me and for humanity through my love for my kids," Crabb explained. "I am very gracious for my children, I look at God's love and I look at life in a totally different way these days, the music is really getting to me."

A lifelong musician with a strong fan following, Crabb gushed about his fans on Facebook and Twitter. The singer even admitted that he frequently communicates with people via social media sites.

"I go on there and I comment, post photos, I love Facebook and Twitter," said the "I Saw The Light" singer.

Citing his 2010 Grammy Award win, Crabb said each time the music awards ceremony takes place every year, the past honor still makes him feel good.

"I was born and raised in a small town in Kentucky, I still can't believe it, it was so great to be a part of. I'm ready to go back," said Crabb.

Fans can look for "Love Is Stronger" on Thursday, March 12. Jay DeMarcus, who works with the Rascal Flatts and Ed Cash and the producer behind Chris Tomlin, produced some tracks found on the album.

The tracks are as follows:

1. Give
2. What The Blood Is For
3. Let Mercy Hold You
4. Living Life
5. Love Is Stronger
6. Morning
7. There's Not A Crown
8. God's Up To Something
9. Love Wins (feat. Kari Jobe)
10. Near
11. Satisfied