Jay-Z Lawsuit Dropped Hours Before Carnegie Hall Performance

New reports stated that the lawsuit against Jay-Z, filed by the Air Platinum Club for $137,000 has been dropped just hours before the hip-hop artist prepares for his Carnegie Hall debut.

In 2010 Air Platinum claimed that Jay-Z had only paid for 37 hours of first-class service after he had racked up 55 hours of use. The remaining bill totaled $137,485 for multiple flights around the world.

E! News however, has now reported that the claim has been dismissed although it is unknown whether a settlement was reached. The suit apparently at some point, appeared to turn south when Air Platinum Holding owner Mickael Cowen made negative statements about the hip-hop artist as a customer.

"I won't fly Jay-Z ever again," Cowen explained. "He owes me $200,000," Cowen told MiamiNewTimes.com. According to HipHop DX, "Air Platinum Holding also made headlines last year when Cowen reportedly owed thousands of dollars to creditors, business partners, and former employees of the company."

The news may help ease the stress upon the hip-hop artist as a new father as he plans for his upcoming concert tonight.

According to E! News, Jay-Z is set to become the first solo hip-hop artist to ever headline New York City's legendary Carnegie Hall; his concerts scheduled for tonight and tomorrow will benefit the United Way and his own Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation.

The concert is considered by many to be a step up for the industry of hip-hop who see performing at Carnegie Hall as a great honor. Jay-Z told MTV, "Any time I get a chance to expand and broaden the reach of hip-hop is a great thing for me on a personal level," after announcing the show. "When we were looking at hip-hop, we were just happy to play club dates and then Run-DMC started doing arenas, and you're like, 'Man, this is possible,' and it just keeps going further and further."