JC Penney and Free Kids Haircuts Every Sunday

J.C. Penney will now be offering free kid's haircuts every Sunday after running a promotion which revealed that moms had a hard time passing up a free cut with the bonus excuse to go shopping.

In an effort to reshape its business model, CEO Ron Johnson has attempted to recreate the shopping experience at J.C. Penney from the prices up. In a back-to-school special, the company decided to offer free kids haircuts for a limited period of time. However, the huge success of the promotion has persuaded the company to make the deal a standing offer.

A total of 1.6 million kids checked in for a free hair cut during the month of August, while JCP was running its promotional plan. Now, following the positive response, JCP will offer free kids haircuts every Sunday beginning on Nov. 4.

The move is only a part of JCP's new business model which cost thousands of employees their jobs in January of this year when the project was first launched. Johnson's new idea focuses on cutting sale prices for everyday low prices- they could be reduced by as much as 40 percent.

In November of 2011, the company reported $143 million loss and they have continued to struggle in the past quarter. The free hair cut program, offered to kids from Kindergarten to sixth grade, has helped to bring in new customers who may be unfamiliar with stores' recent changes.

"It definitely drove new people and reintroduced J.C. Penney to existing customers" Jan Hodges, senior vice president of Penney's salon services, told the Huffington Post.

J.C. Penney announced the program as a standing program to customers via a newsletter on Monday morning. The store also plans to run a hair cut promotion to breast cancer survivors in October.