Jeanne Rysiewicz Goes Missing Moments Before Boarding Flight With Family

A 26-year-old Indiana woman went missing just before boarding a flight home with her family. Jeanne Rysiewicz has not been seen or heard from since Sept. 16, when she and her family were at the DFW International Airport in Texas.

"We were ready to board the plane and we looked around and Jeanne was still in line; she was like two or three people behind us," her father Edward Rysiewicz told CBS.

Yet somehow Jeanne never made it onto the plane. When her family realized she was not onboard the flight, her mother, Barb, said she "got off right away and couldn't find her anywhere. I looked in the bathrooms. I looked everywhere. I looked down the hallways," she told CBS Chicago.

Adding to the mystery is that one of her bags was found outside the airport, along with her cell phone, which was completely dead. Police have speculated that Jeanne took "the two bags that she had and combined some things into one bag and left the roller bag behind."

"There is no indication of foul play. There is no obvious signs of a crime being committed. It's very puzzling," added David Magana of the DFW International Airport. Authorities have video of her leaving the terminal on her own accord but have not shared the video with her family or media outlets.

"Nobody has heard a word from her," Barb told CBS. "Nobody."

The family has stated that Jeanne has no history of psychological problems and that they have no clue as to why she would just disappear. They do hold out hope, though, that their loved one will soon return.

"We have to believe she's okay," said Barb. "I believe she's okay-we have to. I have a lot of faith in God."

Anyone with information is asked to call the DFW Airport at (972-973-3210).