Jedi Church?!

 New waves of religious followers are coming to adhere to Jedi teachings in droves as the Church of Jediism sees unprecedented growth.

But while many are unsure of exactly the beliefs of those who adhere to Jediism followers would have you believe that energy or the force is what connects any and all things in the universe.

"No we don't worship Yoda. And telekinesis is not something that we necessarily do - at least not like in the movies," Ally Thompson, 28, an Iraqi-war veteran from Tennessee, told Details Magazine in an interview.

"But I won't deny that the Force is very present in our teachings. Some people call it magic. Some call it Ashe. The scientific community calls it energy. But it's everywhere. You can find it in the Bible. When Moses parted the Red Sea - how did he do that? With energy. With the Force," she claims.