Jeff Fisher Dolphins New Coach?

Jeff Fisher, currently the coach for the Tennessee Titans, has a hard decision to make. The Miami Dolphins and St. Louis Rams are waiting to hear which team he will coach in the coming season.

Reports state that Fisher is interested in both teams and has yet to make a firm decision. He is currently the favorite to replace Miami’s Tony Sparano but has a personal connection to the St. Louis Rams.

While the Dolphins have Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall to help guide the team, the Rams seemingly lack leadership. The Dolphins ended their latest season with 6 wins, 10 losses; the Rams did even worse, finishing with 2 wins and 14 losses. Fisher’s career record includes 142 wins and 120 losses.

Fans of both teams are beginning to grow impatient. One Miami Herald reader posted: “Ross needs to put a deadline on Fisher. Get a guy that wants to be here.”

 “This is just ridiculous. Let Miami take the risk,” St. Louis fans have written.

Many speculated that Fisher would make an announcement yesterday, but when that did not happen, expectation, and exasperation, grew. His decision is expected to be made Friday; if not, there could be repercussions from fans and the teams that have been kept waiting.