Jenelle Evans' Boyfriend Asks for Abortion on 'Teen Mom 2' Finale (VIDEO)

(Photo: Twitter)Jenelle Evans, Nathan Griffith, and her son Jace.

"Teen Mom 2" wrapped up its fifth season last night, and one of the most dramatic moments came when Jenelle Evans' boyfriend suggested that she get an abortion because their relationship was "unstable." As viewers know, Evans chose not to have an abortion and is expecting her second child any day now.

After a doctor's appointment, Jenelle's boyfriend Nathan Griffith tells her that there's a "90 percent" chance of them breaking up because they fight so much. He doesn't want to bring a child into that type of environment and suggests that Jenelle have an abortion because they are so "unstable." However, Jenelle counters that she is already 12 weeks along and it's too late for her to have an abortion.

It's an extremely emotional moment for Jenelle, who has already had one abortion because of an unplanned pregnancy with husband Courtland Rogers. She allegedly did not tell him about the pregnancy or abortion, but Jenelle insists that she told him it was in their best interest to have the procedure since he was in jail and they were planning to get divorced. It was a big deal for Jenelle, even though she had the full support of her mother, Barbara.

Jenelle and Nathan talked quite a lot about the decision to try and have a baby together and were seemingly disappointed when a positive pregnancy test turned out to be wrong. Not long after, they celebrated the news that she was in fact pregnant. Jenelle spent time telling her 4-year-old son Jace that he would be a big brother, and it was a bonding moment for the two of them.

Jenelle and Nathan have now worked things out and are eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child, a son, due any time now. The couple lives together and recently received some good news in that Jenelle can finally move ahead with her plans to divorce Courtland.

The "Teen Mom 2" reunion special airs Tuesday on MTV.

Watch Jenelle tell son Jace he's going to be a big brother here: