Jenelle Evans Boyfriend Gay? Teen Mom Rebukes Rumors, Cites Religious Beliefs

Jenelle Evans frequently uses Twitter to express herself, but in recent tweets has posted messages from new boyfriend Nathan Griffith. Griffith has been the subject of several rumors claiming he is gay, but addressed those rumors in a lengthy post citing his religious beliefs.

"My mom was and is a minister. My family is religious and I'm not trying to be a hater but God burned the cities of Sodom and Gomorroah. Um sodomy is against my religion sorry to disappoint you," Griffith said in a message to Evans, which she posted to Twitter.

Griffith also described his past, which he argued would not leave him any time to film pornography, another accusation he's been dealing with.

"Long story short… 18 went to the Corps made two deployments. Marine Corps has intel that looks for explicit or phonographic [sic] material. So that eliminates 18-22. Life goes on and I was living north from where I am now with my ex WIFE! When I wasn't working I was with her 24/7. Eliminates 22-24. After the separation I moved in with my mom for a couple of months and then got my own place because I liked it down here," Griffith explained.

He and Evans have been together for a few months and recently bought a home together. The couple plans to live together, though there has been no talk of an engagement or marriage. Evans is still legally married to ex-husband Courtland Rogers, who is in jail.

The law requires that Evans wait a certain amount of time before filing paperwork to begin the legal proceedings, but she plans to do so as soon as possible. Evans' relationship with Griffith will likely be featured in the upcoming season of "Teen Mom 2," which will air its fifth season early next year.

Evans became famous for her appearance on "16 & Pregnant," then moved on to "Teen Mom 2."