Jenelle Evans' Boyfriend's Ex-Wife Issues Warning, Calls Evans 'Unstable'

Jenelle Evans is currently living with boyfriend Nathan Griffith, and the two have spent time together with each other's children. That, apparently, does not sit well with Griffith's ex-wife, Allison Stevens, who wants her daughter to be kept away from Evans.

"I haven't spoken to Nathan since May because Jenelle totally controls him now," Stevens told Star magazine. She was married to Nathan and the two have a 2-year-old daughter. Griffith has spent time with his daughter and Evans, which has not made Stevens happy.

"If I could say one thing to him, it would be, 'Please don't involve our child in that horrible reality TV world.' And as far as Jenelle is concerned, she's unstable, and I don't want her anywhere near my daughter!" Stevens explained.

Evans is still currently married to Courtland Rogers but plans to divorce him. She and Griffith have moved in together but have not spoken about whether their future plans include marriage. According to Stevens, Griffith has not been very active in daughter Emery's life, but she does want him to be an active participant, though she does not want him to have custody of the child.

Stevens and Evans have quite a bit in common, actually. Both have a young child; both were involved with Griffith, and both have children that are being raised by their mothers. Evans' son Jace has been in the custody of his grandmother, Barbara, since he was an infant, and Stevens' daughter, Emery, lives with her grandmother.

It's entirely possible that Griffith and Stevens' daughter will be featured in the new season of "Teen Mom 2," which will premiere next year. It is currently filming, but Stevens could get a court order preventing her daughter from being on-screen.

Fans have apparently rallied around Evans in light of Stevens' comments.

"Someone's always going to have something to say whether you're doing good or bad. Smile and blow a kiss," Tori Mohammad posted on Twitter.

"Stay strong babygirl, you don't need them!" added user Casey.