Jenelle Evans Divorce From Courtland Rogers Can Now Move Forward

(Photo: Twitter)Jenelle Evans and new boyfriend Nathan Griffith

"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans is finally able to divorce her husband Courtland Rogers and move on with her life. Evans and Rogers had a rocky relationship to say the least and separated but due to the law, they could not file for divorce until one year of separation.

Evans and Rogers were arrested for heroin possession and use last year and ordered to stay away from one another. That was fairly easy, given that Evans was able to be released on bond but Rogers never came up with the money and instead stayed in prison. Evans made it known that she wanted to divorce Rogers as quickly as possible, but due to North Carolina law, you have to be legally separated for one year before you can file for divorce.

"I'm ready to get him out of my life and move on with being Jenelle EVANS again," she told Radar Online.

Now that year is up, and Evans plans to petition the court for divorce. She has moved on with her life, settling down with former Marine Nathan Griffith and going back to school. Evans is also pregnant again with Griffith's child and the two have moved in together. They both spend time with Evans' son Jace, who lives with Evans' mother, Barbara. Evans has said that she wants nothing more than to regain custody of Jace, but that is contingent upon her staying sober for one year.

Unfortunately, things have not worked out so well for Rogers. He was arrested not long after being released for prison but was able to post $6,000 bail and be released. Evans reportedly conceived while the two were together but opted to have an abortion, which Rogers said he did not learn about until watching an episode of "Teen Mom 2." Evans has refuted his claim and said that they talked about their options before she had the procedure.

The final season of "Teen Mom 2" airs Tuesday nights on MTV.