Jenelle Evans' Ex-Husband Arrested on 4 Counts of Assault

Jenelle Evans has one last thing to worry about now that her ex-husband, Courtland Rogers, has been arrested by police after fleeing the jurisdiction. Rogers was wanted on four counts of assault against Evans, but refused to show up in court.

"They got me… Brunswick County Jail, I am on my way… write me. Sorry I got caught," Rogers tweeted on Tuesday. "Shout out to Brunswick County Jail for actually taking a nice mugshot pic of me lol," he later tweeted.

According to Rogers, he was held for seven hours and was released on $300 bond; since then, he has been tweeting furiously, informing all of his followers about his plans and pleading with Evans to talk to him.

"I love my wife more than anything in the world except my daughter. I miss you… please get straightened up so you can be the wife I said I DO to. I have never missed somebody so bad. I just woke up out of a dream about you and I… it made me so depressed. I love my wife… waking up beside her every morning was like waking up every morning on Christmas," Rogers said in a flurry of tweets.

Evans, of course, is back in rehabilitation after checking herself in for addiction to marijuana and heroin. It's unlikely the two will reconcile, given the nature of the allegations against Rogers.

Rogers "unlawfully and willfully did assault and strike Jenelle Rogers, a female person, by picking her up, throwing her against the wall, bashing her head on the wall, punching in her head, back, stomach, and legs," one of the warrants obtained by E! News read.

Ironically, Rogers was arrested when police responded to a disturbance that had nothing to do with him.

"We had responded to a disturbance call, but it didn't have anything to do with him. He and some other people were there and we will check and run identification to make sure they don't have any outstanding warrants and Mr. Rogers did," Sheriff Deputy Chester Ward told Radar Online. "He just happened to be at the residence."