Jenelle Evans' Exes Present New Problems for 'Teen Mom' Star

"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans' relationships with her exes are far from friendly- in fact, they are downright hostile at times. Now the two men are each causing her grief in unique ways.

Andrew Lewis, the father of 3-year-old Jace, has decided he wants to be a part of his son's life, even though he signed over full legal custody to Evans and her mother. Lewis has not seen his son since he was born and, according to Evans, is an "abusive alcoholic" who cannot be trusted with Jace.

"This is the right time for me to get involved," Lewis told In Touch. "I contacted Barbara; I contacted Jenelle, but they would never tell me anything about him. A year ago I contacted Barbara out of the blue. I said, 'Hey Barbara how are you? How's Jace? And I was thinking about coming to visit. Is it okay?' She said, 'No,' and that's it."

Lewis appeared on the season three wrap-up of "Teen Mom 2" to plead his case, and Evans set ground rules before he could see his son. One of those was that he pays all of the back child support he owes her, which amounts to nearly $3,000. It's not known whether he has fulfilled that part of the bargain or not.

"She's confusing her own child," Lewis said of Evans' string of romances. "One moment she's with this guy; the next moment she's with that guy; the next moment she's with this guy. You're confusing your own son. Why would you want to do that?"

It remains to be seen whether Lewis will ever be a part of his son's life again, but Evans is also dealing with another scenario thanks to ex-husband Courtland Rogers, whom she filed assault charges against last month.

"Mr. Rogers did not appear in court," an official told Radar Online. "He has not yet been served with the papers from the charges that were filed by Jenelle and there are warrants out for his arrest."

Evans filed four charges of assault against him and sought an order of protection from him after she alleged that he abused her and caused her to miscarry their child. Now that Rogers has skipped out on court, the process of resolution will only take that much longer.

"Jenelle wants him to man up and show up in court! She thinks he's on the run and that he's never going to face the charges. She is so mad at him right now," a friend told Radar.

Evans can be seen on the latest season of "Teen Mom 2" which airs on Monday nights on MTV.