Jenelle Evans Faces 2 Years in Prison for Drug Charges

Jenelle Evans faces two years in prison if she is found guilty of heroin possession and assault. The "Teen Mom 2" star was arrested on April 23. She arrived at court yesterday but is not expected to be indicted until July 1.

Evans and her soon-to-be ex-husband Courtland Rogers were both arrested after they got into an altercation that turned physical. Police found 12 spindles of heroin in their home and added possession charges to the assault charges for both Rogers and Evans.

She was released on bail, but Rogers remains in court, unable to pay the $50,000 bond. Evans has maintained all along that she is innocent and was framed by Rogers, and that the heroin all belonged to him. Yet in a shared home it's difficult to know who owned what.

"We are waiting for her to be indicted for a felony," Evans' attorney, Dustin Sullivan, told Radar Online. "If she is convicted, the sentencing guidelines could be 25 months maximum."

Even though Evans flashed the press a huge smile before going into the courthouse yesterday, Evans was quite torn up about the charges.

"You could hear her crying in court from the other side of the courtroom," Sullivan told Us Weekly.

As part of her release, Evans and Rogers are not to have any contact with one another. It should be easy enough, given that Rogers is not due to be released any time soon.

"That is going to stay in place until the case is resolved or unless the judge changes that order," Sullivan explained. "And I'm confident that there will not be any judge to change that order."

Evans is the mother to 3-year-old son Jace, who is in the custody of her mother, Barbara. She signed over custody of her son not long after he was born but has said numerous times that she is working to regain custody of the child.