Jenelle Evans' Family Battles: 'Teen Mom' Star Feuding With Mother, Sister

It seems that Jenelle Evans is involved in feuds with almost every member of her family, including sister Ashleigh and mom Barbara. The "Teen Mom" star has released a shocking video of Ashleigh screaming at her own child, and has refuted her mother's claims that she was involved in a pornographic video.

Evans tweeted the video of her sister, Ashleigh, yelling at her son, Gabriel, who is crying uncontrollably.

"I need sleep! I need food! [Expletive], kid, what is your [expletive] problem? Gabriel, seriously, man, I can't deal with it much longer. I can't hold you!" Ashleigh yelled.

"If he goes to bed early, it's fine," Evans said, trying to be helpful. "You gave him food; you gave him a clean diaper. You gave him a bath, and you gave him everything he asked. It's okay for him to go to bed."

Evans then advised her sister to let the baby cry while she continues to do what she needed to do. It's sound parenting advice from Evans, who recently finished parenting classes at the suggestion of a judge. She no longer has custody of her 3-year-old son, Jace; Barbara currently has custody but is involved in a constant struggle with Evans.

Ashleigh previously told Star magazine that her sister was "evil. She's always been jealous of me, but her latest stunt is her worst yet." Ashleigh claimed that Evans left her alone in the midst of her trying to escape an abusive relationship. Evans has not responded to the claims, and it's unknown when this video was taken.

"I hate to post this, but I had to show someone," Evans tweeted. "My sister treats her baby horribly. Something needs to be done."

Twitter seems to be the way Evans deals with her family, always letting the world know when there is a problem or battle happening. In addition to the struggle with Ashleigh, Evans has also used the site to refute claims by her mom, Barbara, that she was involved in a homemade pornographic video.

"This isn't true. There isn't a porno of me but this is what my mom said. I can't stop crying. She hates me," Evans tweeted. She added the tweet, supposedly from her mother, that read, "Don't worry. Ashleigh ahs (sic) the video of the porno with 3 other guys with a one night stand with Roy Paterson before he went to jail."

It's unknown whether a video actually exists, but Evans has been the subject of several scandals. There have been three instances in which nude photographs that she posed for were released on the Internet. None of these situations will help Evans as she seeks to regain custody of son Jace.