Jenelle Evans Has Miscarriage? Friend Requests Prayers for Unborn Child

Jenelle Evans has been under a lot of stress lately, and last night she was rushed to the hospital for unknown reasons. Friends have reported that her "conditions are not good," but have not said exactly what happened, though it is possible the young mother miscarried her child with Courtland Rogers.

"Jenelle is hospital bound. I'll update you guys as soon as I hear something," Jenelle's friend Kris posted on her Facebook page. Then later, Kris added, "Everyone is asking about Jenelle, how she is doing and what she is in the hospital for. I'm not allowed to say anything about what she is in there for until she tells me to. She is still there though."

Three hours later came the final word: "Jenelle's conditions are not good but cannot say more about what happened. Pray for her and the baby and also that certain people get what they deserve. She is very hurt and feels very betrayed," Kris posted.

Many people have speculated that Jenelle's pregnancy was in trouble, which is why she went to the hospital. She is only seven weeks along, which is a somewhat dangerous time in the pregnancy, especially with all of the stress she has been under lately.

Evans and husband Rogers have been arguing and have possibly separated due to Rogers' behavior. She previously tweeted that she needed time to figure things out in the relationship, and Radar Online reported that Rogers was not at the hospital last night with Jenelle.

The couple married in Dec. but only 26 days later were talking about divorce. They reconciled, announced the pregnancy, and then immediately began fighting again. Now they could be separated for good.

Evans already has one child, Jace, who is two. He is currently in the custody of her mother, Barbara, since Jenelle had problems with drug use. Rogers also has a child, a little girl, who is in the custody of her mother.