Jenelle Evans Homeless? 'Teen Mom' Kicked Out of New Home

Jenelle Evans and boyfriend Nathan Griffith will not be moving into the home of their dreams, according to reports. The problem? Evans filming "Teen Mom 2" has reportedly caused tension with the neighbors.

"Jenelle is telling friends that the Home Owners Association said she couldn't film at the house because they didn't want their neighborhood to turn into a zoo. She says they told her they didn't want any of the drama from 'Teen Mom' disrupting anyone else," a source told Radar Online.

The pair was hoping to make a fresh start in a new home in South Carolina, but unfortunately that fell through. It won't stop Evans from being on "Teen Mom 2," which helps provide a source of income for the young mother. They simply need to find a home in an area that will be comfortable with all of the exposure.

"UGJJJ… House hunting. #StoryofMyLife," Evans tweeted earlier today.

Evans wants to start fresh for the new season of "Teen Mom 2," which is currently filming. She has been on the series since her appearance on MTV's "16 & Pregnant." Cameras have captured virtually every up and down of the young mother's life, including her time in jail, drug use, and struggle to finally get clean.

One of Evans' main priorities in life is her son, Jace, who is currently in the custody of her mother, Barbara. The two made the decision for Evans to sign away her parental rights so that Jace would have more stability in his life. Evans has consistently said that she wants her son back and wants nothing more than to be able to provide for him.

"Jenelle wanted to have Jace at the house and have a normal life with Nathan but now she's looking for another place to live," the source added.

Evans recently bragged about her sobriety, stating that she and Griffith, along with a couple of friends had a great time out without drinking any alcohol. It's a great step for Evans.