Jenelle Evans' Husband Allegedly Talks to Ex-Girlfriend About Marriage: 'I Know It Won't Last'

Jenelle Evans' husband, Courtland Rogers, has allegedly spoken to his ex-girlfriend about his relationship with Evans, which he has said he knows "is not going to last." The couple has been married for a little over one month, but rumors surfaced last week that they were headed for divorce.

"Courtland tried to reach me on Facebook and he ended up getting my number from a mutual acquaintance and texted me before finally calling me," Alicia Townsend told Radar Online. "I asked him about married life and he said he wasn't happy and it wasn't going well. He said, 'I know it's not going to last.'"

While Evans has denied any such communication took place, and maintained that Townsend is just trying to stir up trouble between her and Rogers, Radar Online has claimed to have verified the communication and seen the text exchanges between the two.

"I brought up how now that he's married to Jenelle he gets half of whatever she makes and asked if that's why he married her. He just got quiet and laughed. But I guess after our texts and stuff, he didn't delete something and Jenelle found out and was furious that we were talking," Townsend said.

It is true that Rogers could stand to come into some money, thanks to Evans' contract with MTV. She receives earnings from her participation on "Teen Mom 2" and other endorsements and jobs. Evans and Rogers do not have a prenuptial agreement, meaning that whatever she earns could be split between the two if they separate.

"I called him and had him put Jenelle on speaker so we could clear it up. Courtland was the one who reached out to me, and Jenelle was very rude and going off on me. I was upset that Courtland didn't own up to Jenelle that we talked on the phone! I had to hang up on her because she was going crazy. Jenelle made it out like it was me begging to get in touch with Courtland, but it was Courtland who asked to get in touch with me," Townsend added.

Yet Townsend and Rogers will always have to be in touch due to the fact that they share a daughter. Rogers and Evans nearly broke up because she felt he was spending too much time with his daughter and Alicia.