Jenelle Evans in Nude Photo Scandal; 'Leave Us Alone,' Says Husband

Jenelle Evans is once again at the center of a scandal, although this time she is the victim rather than the instigator. Evans' former boss, James Duffy, posted nude photos of the "Teen Mom 2" star online, causing her to respond to his allegations and the photos themselves.

"Jenelle, I didn't have to pay you for sex, you did that free for daddy," Duffy tweeted after posting nude photos of her online. Duffy and Evans have had a tumultuous relationship, both online and off-line, though the majority of their exchanges have taken place online for everyone to see.

"We just want him to leave us alone. We're married now and we're happy and he needs to get a life and quit talking about us!" Evans' husband Courtland Rogers told Radar Online. "Jenelle is my wife now, and that is my own treasure that should be seen only by me in private."

"It hurts my love ones … That's what hurts," Evans tweeted in response to Duffy's posts.

This is not the first nude scandal that Evans has been the subject of. Last year, a former boyfriend posted photos of Evans immediately after she had breast augmentation surgery. The photos embarrassed Evans, who never meant for the photos to be posted.

Evans and Rogers are presenting a united front, which is completely different from previous reports that they were on the verge of divorce. Allegations were made that Evans was upset and jealous that Rogers was still in contact with the mother of his child, Alicia Townsend.

Evans has taken the step of asking her followers to report Twitter users who have reposted or are posting the nude photos of her. Other than that, there's not too much that she can do about the situation, given that the photos are Duffy's property.

She recently tweeted, "Duffy is now homeless and living in a hotel in Myrtle Beach, SC!" Whether or not the allegation is true, it shows that Evans is bent on defending herself and engaging in the online battle with Duffy.