Jenelle Evans 'Isn't Ready for a Baby,' Focused on Regaining Custody of Son

After a long journey and a miscarriage, "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans has allegedly vowed not to have another child. Friends report that she is on birth control and focused exclusively on regaining custody of her son, Jace.

Evans has reunited with her husband, Courtland Rogers, with whom she was going to have a child. Unfortunately, Evans miscarried, and the two separated amid rumors that Rogers put his hands on Evans. She actually filed charges of assault against him but wanted those dropped after they reunited.

Even though Evans wanted the charges dropped, due to their severity, the state continued to pursue them in court. That's when Courtland pleaded guilty to two of the six charges against him.

"Courtland Rogers has pleaded guilty to one court of assault on a female and one count of assault on an unborn child," attorney Dustin Sullivan told The Hollywood Gossip. "He received a probation sentence of 24 months."

Now Evans has allegedly told friends that while they work things out, she will remain on birth control and try to regain custody of her son, Jace. Her mother Barbara currently has custody; Evans voluntarily signed over custody when he was still very young and she was overwhelmed.

"Jenelle is back on the birth control patch," a source told Radar Online. "She has told friends that she just isn't ready for a baby now and she seems really serious about this. She wants to try and get custody back from her mother, and she's trying really hard to do everything she can to do that, but she knows it is a process."

Evans has struggled with drug and alcohol abuse. She went to treatment a few times before finally checking herself out of rehabilitation. Now Evans seems to have everything under control and is focused on rebuilding her relationship with Rogers and her son.

"All she [Evans] wants to do is be a mother, but she's going to focus on Jace now and not anyone else," the source confirmed.