Jenelle Evans of 'Teen Mom 2' Takes False Positive Pregnancy Test After Abortion

In the most recent episode of "Teen Mom 2," cast member Jenelle Evans found out that her recent abortion gave her a false pregnancy test.

Evans, who is trying to have another child with her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, took a positive pregnancy test in the latest show. Excited about the prospect of having another child, Evans visited the doctor to ensure the test is accurate. To her disappointment, the doctor informed Evans that the test was false as a result of the leftover hormones in her body following her abortion, which she had earlier in the fifth season.

Evans leaves the doctor's office in tears, heartbroken by the revelation that she will not be having another child with her new boyfriend. Although the 22-year-old is evidently disappointed, her mother, Barbara Evans, expresses her relief that her daughter will not be having another baby so shortly after an abortion. Jenelle already has one son, and was previously addicted to heroin, although she says she has since recovered from her problem.

The teen mom received a rash of criticism earlier in the show's season for choosing to abort former boyfriend Courtland Rogers' baby, with several viewers taking to social media to say they were "sickened" by Evans' nonchalant handling of the life-ending procedure.

In spite of the criticism, Evans told OK Magazine in January that she did not approach her abortion in a nonchalant manner and does not use the controversial procedure as a form of birth control. "It's the first abortion I've ever had," Jenelle told the magazine in an interview.

"I don't use it as a method of birth control like everyone thought I did," Evans continued, adding that she hopes viewers can move on from the controversial procedure and see the progress she has made. "I just think that it's really important that they see the progress I make and not just dwell on the abortion the whole season."

Evans added to In Touch magazine that she has "no regrets" about choosing to terminate her pregnancy, saying she thinks it was the right decision given her recent recovery from heroin addiction. "I panicked – I'd just gotten off heroin, I was very skinny and unhealthy, I wasn't stable," she said.

Evans continues to receive criticism on social media for wanting to have a child so soon after having an abortion. "Partying after an abortion while trying to get pregnant? Still don't have custody. Get some help!!" tweeted one viewer.