Jenelle Evans Pregnant Again? Friend Confirms Rumors

"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans is reportedly pregnant with her second child, even though her mother still has custody of her son, Jace. Evans has remained silent about the pregnancy, but a close friend has gone public with the news of the impending arrival.

"Jenelle is pregnant. She never wanted it to get out," Jenelle's friend Jennifer told Radar Online. "MTV leaked it. Jenelle didn't even want people to know that MTV was filming her after they found out she was pregnant. She isn't confirming anything to anyone apparently. She never wanted anyone to find out until she was far enough along to not worry about miscarriages. She told me a month ago."

Evans has been through a lot in this past year. She separated from husband Courtland Rogers after he allegedly beat her and she then miscarried their child. The two are still married due to a legal situation in her state. Rogers is in jail on charges of cyber-stalking Evans' sister, Ashleigh, and has been unable to pay the $50,000 bond.

Meanwhile, she has moved on to a new relationship with Nathan Griffith, but things have not been smooth sailing for the couple. In September, Griffith was arrested for DUI, with Evans in the passenger seat. She herself spent time in jail in August after failing a surprise drug test ordered by a judge.

Evans' mother, Barbara, has had custody of her first child, Jace, for quite some time now and has no intention of relinquishing that custody until Jenelle cleans up her act for good and a court agrees with that assessment. Evans is currently filming the fifth season of "Teen Mom 2," which is scheduled to air in 2014.

Even though Evans has remained silent about these latest assertions that she is pregnant, her Twitter feed may have just confirmed that something is up with the reality star.

"Before today begins, please everyone don't jump down my throat. People can change, people do change. I have changed," she posted, leading many to wonder if that is her own way of confirming the pregnancy.