Jenelle Evans Refutes Acid Use Claims: 'That Stuff Scares Me'

"Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans is not the strong, silent type and has used her Twitter account to directly refute the claims made by her ex-friend. Tori Rhyne spoke with Star magazine and suggested that Evans was "in love with" acid, but Evans says nothing could be further from the truth.

"Why sell me out to a magazine for DUI money when I'm on probation, accusing me of doing drugs when I haven't?" Evans posted yesterday, as Rhyne's claims were made public. She also said she hasn't "even seen or hung out with Tori in…months."

When asked by Caleb Covington if she was using LSD, Evans replied, "Never. That [stuff] scares me. I'm bipolar as it is, why would I want to even try to [mess] up my head more than it is?"

Rhyne has said that Evans "does [LSD] a lot- she fell in love with it. It's just a little sheet that she puts on her tongue and waits for it to hit her, then she gets all weird," she told Star magazine.

"When Jenelle does acid she is an amazing person, but of course it is not her, it is the drug that she is on. As bad as that sounds, I do worry about her because I don't want her to have a bad trip and never be able to get out of it. When Jenelle was told she couldn't smoke weed anymore, she lost it. She smoked it to clam down," Rhynes claimed.

"Whenever she gets off probation, she said she is going to stop doing acid and smoke weed again. She is going to stop doing everything else," Rhynes revealed. But with all of this news, Rhynes has stated that she only wants "Jenelle to straighten up her life and start being a real mother. I want her to live happily."

Yet it seems as though Evans is already happy, going to school and church and taking a more active role in son Jace's life. Viewers of "Teen Mom 2" saw Jenelle go to treatment and start to turn her life around.

Since then, she has entered school to become a medical assistant and tweeted about going to church.

"The allegations against my client are absolutely false," Dustin Sullivan, Evans' lawyer, told Star.