Jenelle Evans Relationship Trouble With Nathan Griffith: 'He's Mean to Her,' Source Says

"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans' relationship with Nathan Griffith may not be going as well as the reality star would like everyone to believe. It appears that she and Griffith are having serious problems due to insecurity and Griffith reportedly talking to his ex-girlfriend and other girls.

"Jenelle. You broke me and Nathan up. That's the truth. We were living, sleeping and raising Athena together. Believe whatever Nathan tells you," Brianna Dorris, Griffith's ex-girlfriend, tweeted to Evans.

Evans is allegedly not pleased that her boyfriend, and the father of her second child, is speaking to his ex, even though he has a daughter with Dorris. Griffith is reportedly talking to other girls, which also upsets Evans.

"Why can't anyone just tell me the truth so I can leave? I can't deal with this, none of u can begin to understand," Evans replied to Dorris.

That is only one problem plaguing the couple. A source close to Evans told Radar Online that she and Griffith "fight non-stop." Both are stressed with the pressure of bringing a new child into the world and dealing with the reality of trying to gain custody of their first children; both are in similar situations and would like to have custody of their firstborns but have a ways to go before that happens.

"Nathan is being really mean to Jenelle and is not paying attention to her. Nathan is talking to other girls and that's why she's saying he isn't paying attention to her," the source added. "Plus, he is being lazy and he needs to work to help support this baby. Jenelle can't do it all on her own. Jenelle is really hoping Nathan straightens out and stops acting so mean and starts treating her better."

Evans is due on June 29 and told that she likes the name Lydia if the baby is a girl and Nathan likes the name Kaiser. Big brother Jace, who lives with Jenelle's mom, is definitely excited for the new baby.

"Every time we go out to the store, he's like 'we can get that for the new baby!' He keeps asking me, 'When's the baby going to come out? Why is it taking so long?'"

The newest season of "Teen Mom 2" premieres on MTV on Tuesday, January 21.