Jenelle Evans Rushed to Hospital, Husband 'Really Scared' for Her

Jenelle Evans was rushed to the hospital by ambulance yesterday afternoon, which left husband Courtland Rogers "really scared" for his wife's health. Evans is known to have trouble with ovarian cysts, and that's what is believed to have sent her to the hospital this time.

"Her mom told us to get her to the hospital as fast as possible, that's why we called the ambulance. Jenelle's scared and so am I," Rogers told Radar Online. "I love Jenelle and I'm really scared for her."

Evans has tweeted about her problems with ovarian cysts, which often rupture and cause intense pain. It would appear, though, that she is out of the hospital and doing better, since she has been on Twitter for the past several hours.

"My cysts are horrible… thanks @Kourtkourt910 (Rogers' Twitter name) for being here with me. I can't even move my leg ughhhh," Evans tweeted later yesterday. Then earlier today she posted, "Thank u so much for taking care of me today. I love u so much and u look so peaceful sleeping right now. I'm going to kiss u!"

Of course, the incident could have brought back painful memories for Evans, as the last time she was hospitalized, she miscarried her first child with Rogers. She had just announced the pregnancy to the public when she was suddenly hospitalized with pain and bleeding.

Ovarian cysts can be incredibly painful, especially when they rupture, and can lead to permanent damage if serious enough. Evans is familiar with the signs and symptoms of cysts and was reportedly bleeding when her mother made the decision to send her to the hospital.

Birth control can often help keep cysts at bay, but if a cyst is large enough or poses a significant risk, doctors may prescribe surgery to remove the cyst from the ovary. It's not known whether Evans is on any medication for the treatment of her cysts or just dealing with them as they occur.