Jenelle Evans Threatened With Gang Violence by Former Beau

"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans may be celebrating that harassment charges against her have been dropped, but she is also being threatened with gang violence by an ex-boyfriend.

Charles Andrew Lewis, the father of Jenelle's two-year-old son, Jace, has threatened to use gang violence against her in an attack on Twitter. "You touch me you gonna be dealing with bloods," he posted on her Twitter page. The Bloods are one of the most well-known gangs in America.

It's not clear why Lewis chose to threaten Evans, especially after posting messages saying he was dreaming of her and apologizing for the way their relationship had soured. "Got me thinking all the pain you have inside of you [because] of me, I'll take the blame for it all. I'm sorry for the disrespect I have given you," he wrote.

Lewis and Evans have not had a friendly relationship; after the birth of Jace, Lewis left Evans and moved on to a new relationship. He is the father of another child but has recently declared his intent to be a part of Jace's life, even if it means taking Evans to court.

According to The Daily Mail, Lewis has moved closer to Evans in order to be a bigger part of his son's life. He will be featured on the next season of "Teen Mom 2," and it is bound to cause more drama in Evans' already turbulent life. She has been in and out of court but is apparently finally making a change in her life.

The charges being dismissed in court stem from an argument with former roommate Hanna Inman. Inman had claimed that Evans was stalking and harassing her through online communication. Evans is not totally out of the woods yet, as she still faces charges brought by ex-boss James Duffy.

Evans, who was first featured on MTV's "16 & Pregnant" has grown into a public figure, for better or worse, thanks to MTV's reality series "Teen Mom" and "Teen Mom 2." She has been arrested three times and more recently successfully completed a stay in rehab for marijuana addiction.

Evans is currently attending school to become a medical assistant and has tweeted her happiness with the program. "I LOVE IT!!! (sic) its (sic) very interesting and not boring to me at all. my (sic) teachers are so caring and great motivators and just want you to succeed in life," she tweeted.