Jenelle Evans Twitter: 'Teen Mom' Proud of Sobriety

Jenelle Evans defended herself on Twitter after reports alleged that she and boyfriend Nathan Griffith partied this weekend. The "Teen Mom" star has worked hard to stay sober and clean for her family and quickly nipped the story in the bud.

A story reported online said that Evans, Griffith, and two friends had a wild night and were drunk, but Evans immediately dismissed any such claims via her Twitter account.

"Lol last night was so much fun! Me, Nathan, & Taylor went out dancing. I posted some Vine videos on my Twitter when we got Hungry. Last night was a lot of fun & Non(e) of us Drank alcohol!" Evans tweeted.

Evans has received treatment for alcohol and heroin abuse, and has worked hard to ensure her sobriety. She has kept a relatively low profile and is in a stable relationship with Griffith. The two actually bought a house together and have moved in together.

She has not had custody of son Jace in years but has maintained that she wants nothing more than to have a steady career and provide for her son. The controversial star has been through a lot but appears to be happy.

"Things are fantastic," Evans is reportedly telling her friends. "[Griffith] treats me like a princess and since day one has opened the car door for me every time and still does!"

Previous relationships have not worked out well, and husband Courtland Rogers is still behind bars on assault and possession charges. Evans plans to make a clean break and divorce Rogers in order to pursue a relationship with Griffith.

Evans and Griffith, as well as Rogers, will be featured in the upcoming season of "Teen Mom 2," which Evans has been a part of for four seasons. She initially starred on "16 & Pregnant" but signed on to the other series after her episode.