Jenna Von Oy Expecting Baby Girl

Jenna Von Oy, otherwise known as Six from TV's "Blossom" is expecting her first child. The actress is married to Brad Bratcher and informed him on their one-year anniversary that they would be having their first child.

As told to People, "We agreed on no presents, but I told him that I had something that was very, very small, which it was-at the time it was the size of an apple seed. I handed him a handmade card and when he opened it up, it said 'You're going to be a daddy,' and it had the EPT test underneath. It was the most beautiful evening!"

The couple is expecting a baby girl, which was predicted by Von Oy. "Brad is so cute because the other night I said to him, 'She's going to have you wrapped around her finger. He gave me this wonderfully defeated look and said, 'I think she already does.' I can tell he's looking at me like I'm a little more fragile because there's a girl in there!"

Von Oy played the best friend of Mayim Bialik on NBC's "Blossom" for five years before moving on to do voice work and TV movies. She met Bratcher two years before they married on Oct. 10. Von Oy told People, "We knew it would be a wonderful day. But it was a blast-more fun than we ever expected!"