Jenni Rivera Funeral Footage: Children Make Touching Speeches (VIDEO)

Two of Jenni Rivera's children gave touching speeches on Wednesday, while remembering their mother at her funeral.

Jenni Rivera, a coach on the Mexican version of "The Voice" and popular Latina singer, was killed in a plane crash last week. Her funeral took place on Wednesday with a live steam of the event. Touching speeches were given by two of Rivera's children.

"My mom was beautiful. She had a giving heart. A heart that cared about others before she cared about herself," Rivera's Jenicka López Rivera said Wednesday.

Jenicka, 16, showed remorse, for not being able to be the perfect daughter while her mother was alive.

"Mom I thank you for being the best mom that any girl could have. I thank you for caring for me although it didn't show I loved you," she said. "I'm sorry for not being an obedient daughter, or a respectful daughter."

She added that her mom was now her hero and hoped that she could live up to the woman that her mother had always wanted her to be.

"I can say mom that you are my warrior; you are my rock. I find my peace with you and my God. I will never give up on loving you," Jenicka said.

Johnny López Rivera, the singer's youngest child, also shared a speech in which he regretted that he had so little time with his mother.

"I've had a short 11 years with my mom," Johnny said. "But through those short 11 years she tried her best to set the best example that she could."

The 11 year-old shared that he was proud to have Rivera as a mother.

"It's a real honor to say that Jenni Rivera, the person that everyone is talking about, is my mom. That she lives in me," Johnny said through heartfelt tears. "This is the hardest thing that I have ever had to go through in my entire life."

Rivera had been on her way to a taping of "The Voice" when her plane crashed down.