Jennifer Aniston Bridesmaids Revealed, Courteney Cox Excluded?

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(Photo: Reuters/Jim Ruymen)Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston pose during the Project A.L.S. "Friends Finding a Cure" gala in Beverly Hills, California in this April 14, 2003 file photo

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are set to walk down the aisle soon and fans are shocked over reports claiming the actress has not asked her best friend Courteney Cox to be a bridesmaid.

The former "Friends" actress is rumored to be getting married within "weeks," and the 44-year-old has asked actress Emily Blunt and late night talkshow host Chelsea Lately to be her bridesmaids.

Despite Aniston have a years-long friendship with Cox, the 48-year-old is not a bridesmaid.

"Jen wants to include some of her new pals and, though she will attend the wedding, she thinks that Courteney may have too much on her plate," a source reportedly told Heat magazine.

"Jen thinks that Chelsea is brilliant. She's the only friend who publicly defended her over Angelina Jolie getting together with her ex Brad Pitt in 2005, so there's fierce loyalty there," the source continued adding "now Jen is with Justin, things with Courteney are different."

Aniston, who was engaged to Brad Pitt at the time of Cox's 1999 wedding to David Arquette, was not a bridesmaid in their ceremony. However, she and Pitt did attend.

The actress is said to have invited approximately 50 guests to her and Throux's upcoming nuptials, which is less than half of the 200 guests that attended her 2000 wedding to Pitt.

"She wants a low-key do, but pals like her ex-Friends co-stars Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry will attend," a source told Closer magazine.

"Jennifer is trying to keep the wedding date a secret, but it'll probably be in the week or two after the Oscars, at the end of the month,"the source added.

Among Aniston and Theroux's star-studded guest list is reportedly the actress' estranged mother Nancy Dow and her former mother-in-law Jane Pitt.

Theroux, 41, who is said to have strong family values, reportedly convinced his fiance to invite Dow to their wedding ceremony after Aniston refused to invite her to her 2000 nuptials to Brad Pitt.

"Nancy and Jennifer have had their ups and downs, but they're going to let bygones be bygones and she will be invited to her daughter's wedding ceremony," a family insider reportedly told

"She was told of the invitation by her son, John, which she was obviously delighted with. Sadly, the initial fallout between Nancy and Jennifer in 1999 meant that she wasn't on the guest list for the 2000 wedding to Brad Pitt -- something that always haunted her," the source went on.