Jennifer Aniston Cupping Marks the Result of Fertility Treatment?

Jennifer Aniston recently made a debut on the red carpet for "Call Me Crazy"- a Lifetime movie that she is responsible for directing. But Jimmy Choos aside, it was cupping marks on her back that have drawn attention.

The actress arrived at the Los Angeles film-screening event wearing a black Christian Dior bustier top, black shorts, and Jimmy Choo heels, according to Radar Online. She also had small circles across her back, which suggested that she had recently had cupping therapy.

Cupping therapy is a method of traditional Chinese medicine that helps to "increase wellness," according to Natural Health for Fertility. It involves using cupping glass to create a vacuum on the skin, in turn stimulating blood flow.

While cupping therapy is typically used to treat respiratory inflammation and congestion, it can be combined with other Chinese methods, including acupuncture, to increase fertility.

But becoming pregnant may be far from the star's mind, as she is currently busy promoting her film. So busy in fact, that she has had little time to devote to planning her wedding with fiancé Justin Theroux.

When asked if she had had her wedding dress picked out during an interview with E! News the "Friends" actress responded, "No, I don't."

The film "Call Me Crazy" tells the story of five different people who are dealing with mental illness. It is set up similarly to a film that Aniston helped direct about five women who were diagnosed with cancer.

"Mental illness seemed to be [a topic] that a lot of us felt was an important one and touched a lot of our lives, a lot of our families lives," Aniston said.