Jennifer Aniston Dress Too Revealing? Actress Also Wears Half Million Dollar Ring

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux drew attention while attending the LACMA 2012 Art + Film Gala on Saturday.

The newly engaged couple was spotted out in L.A. for what appeared to be a unique outing, considering that the pair has made few appearances together since announcing their union. Aniston drew the most attention wearing a black dress with a large engagement ring on her finger. The silk dress was cut nearly to the actress' belly button, which drew criticism from some who suggested that the gown was on the verge of a wardrobe malfunction.

"Why is it necessary to show chest...who is she aiming it at?" Laccornu wrote on the Huffington Post blog. "The dress however is smashing and she has a great just took the class away from the whole picture."

"My thought exactly. This woman would look good in anything, why this dress??" a second user added.

But the dress is not the only thing that captured attention. Fans also took notice of Aniston's large engagement ring. The ring has been estimated to be around 8-9 Carats and worth about half a million dollars, according to Parade. Theroux proposed to Aniston, 43, on his 41st birthday; they have been dating a little over a year.

On Sunday the couple was spotted again, this time wearing more casual dress while on a one-on-one outing at Hollywood hotspot Chateau Marmont. According to a source with E! Online, the couple was spotted at an outside garden table being affectionate and exchanging "innocent PDA." Before the pair left, they also ran into fashion photographer Terry Richardson. Aniston leaned in and whispered something into Richardson's ear before departing.

Details regarding the couple's wedding have not yet been released and no public date has been set so far.