Jennifer Aniston Wedding Date - Actress Marrying Justin Theroux on Valentines Day?

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are reportedly planning a Valentine's Day wedding ceremony, according to reports.

The couple, who recently announced their engagement, is reportedly eager to tie the knot and the two have allegedly decided on Feb. 14 as their wedding date.

"Jen and Justin are super anxious to tie the knot, but they looked at their schedules and decided this coming February 14 is reasonable to shoot for," a source told OK! Magazine.

"Jen just wants to make sure they get married before Justin starts filming Swear to God," the source added, referencing Theroux's upcoming project.

The news follows reports that they are currently finalizing their wedding guest list. Aniston, 43, has reportedly agreed to invite her estranged mother, Nancy Dow.

Theroux, 41, who proposed to Aniston on his birthday, reportedly convinced Aniston to invite Nancy to their ceremony after not inviting her to her 2000 nuptials to Brad Pitt.

"Nancy and Jennifer have had their ups and downs, but they're going to let bygones be bygones and she will be invited to her daughter's wedding ceremony," a family insider reportedly told

"She was told of the invitation by her son, John, which she was obviously delighted with. Sadly, the initial fallout between Nancy and Jennifer in 1999 meant that she wasn't on the guest list for the 2000 wedding to Brad Pitt- something that always haunted her," the source went on.

The former "Friends" actress reconciled with Dow in 2008 following their 12-year estrangement but the relationship has reportedly remained tense. Aniston urged her mother to never discuss her private life to the press, but Dow blatantly ignored these requests and in 1996 did a tell-all TV interview.

"Nancy's reasons for doing that have always been suspect, but Jennifer and all those 'Friends' stars were under such a microscope. It's easy to see why they were so gun-shy. When Nancy did that interview, Jen just went ballistic," a source previously said.

Theroux reportedly helped Aniston see past her issues with Nancy, and he mother is expected to attend their alleged Feb. 14 nuptials.

"[Jennifer] agreed, said she'd forgiven her mom for her past discrepancies and that Nancy should be a guest at her second wedding," the insider added.