Jennifer Gallagher Drowns: Aurora, Colorado 'Dark Knight Rises' Shooting Nurse Tragically Dies

Jennifer Gallagher has drowned while on vacation in Iowa as she was swimming with friends in Lake Okoboji. Gallagher was a nurse who treated victims of July's "The Dark Knight Rises" theater shootings.

The nurse's family has confirmed her death, according to KCNC-TV.

Greg Pinson, her husband has said about her involvement in the aftermath of the Aurora, Colorado shootings, "She did bring home a lot of the tragedy and talked about it."

Gallagher was on duty at the Intensive Care Unit on the day of the massacre and helped treat some of those critically injured in the mass shootings in the neurosurgical ICU at the University of Colorado Hospital.

The nurse also met President Barack Obama when he came to visit the victims in the aftermath of the shootings on July 22. Her husband explained, "I think that was very special to her to be there when he was there, to get to meet him, you know, she was very proud of that," according to CBS News.

Testifying his wife, Pinson said, "She had a great capacity for empathy and a great capacity to make the patients and family members feel better."

"You know, everywhere she went she left people smiling and laughing, be it at work or home, or wherever she was," he added.

Pinson and Gallagher were married for seven years and she leaves a five year old son behind following her tragic death.

Her husband has said he wants people to remember her smile the most. Whereas the women's soccer team where she played have testified her has someone who always went above and beyond to put others above herself.