Jennifer Garner and Jimmy Kimmel Band Geeks in School? 'We Have the Same Glasses!' (VIDEO)

Jennifer Garner and Jimmy Kimmel are both supporters of the arts based on old school photos, which reveal the pair, looking nearly identical, playing instruments in a band.

A saxophone and a clarinet were the biggest differences in the two photos revealed on the "Jimmy Kimmel Show" this past week. Jennifer Garner appeared on the show to promote her just released film "The Odd Story of Timothy Green" when she was affronted by an embarrassing blast from the past photo. The photo showed Garner making a sincere attempt to play the saxophone, complete with a short haircut and curled bangs. Garner also wore a neck strap and a not so flattering pair of eye glasses.

While the moment may have seemed embarrassing enough, what impressed the crowd more was a second photo, which looked just like Garner. Instead however, the photo was of none other than Kimmel himself who bore a striking resemblance to Garner with the same short brown hair with geeky bangs and glasses. The largest difference between the photos, appeared to be the fact that Kimmel was playing a clarinet while Garner had broken out with a saxophone.

"Wow, I like you a little bit less now," Garner said after Kimmel embarrassed her with the first photo showing just herself. Kimmel however made up for it when he presented the second photo of himself.

"No! We have the same glasses," Garner exclaimed. "Wait a minute!" she added saying the was eager to show her husband Ben Affleck the striking resemblance.

The photos were less embarrassing and more refreshing for some however, who believed that both stars could serve as a role model to other young children.

"I don't know why they would be embarrassed by their school pictures," one user wrote on the Huffington Post. "They should show them as a inspiration to other teens that think of themselves as" nerdy "or "geeks". Look how far you got and how much you changed. These should be inspiration to others spread the photos."