Jennifer Lawrence Goth Look at Toronto Film Festival (PHOTO)

Jennifer Lawrence was not the girl on fire this weekend when she made an appearance at the Toronto Film Festival, although many still found the rising actress admirable.

Jennifer Lawrence looked completely different from her previous styles as she made her appearance during the Toronto Film Festival for her latest project, "Silver Linings Playbook."

Lawrence arrived on the red carpet wearing a Dior Couture gown that was an ember red on top mixed with a black and grey that transitioned into a dark green at the bottom. Her hair was also died a dark brown with dark red tints and straightened, providing harsh lines against her usually soft face. The star finished off the look with black Dior shoes and a Tiffany and Co. gold cuff and ring.

On her lips Lawrence wore a dark red shade of lip color, which gave her an almost gothic appearance. Some said the star looked unrecognizable.

"Is it just me or does she look like a COMPLETELY different person every time her hair changes a shade?" Sarah questioned on the Mail Online blog.

Despite a new look, however, many supported the actress, which they feel is both talented and humble.

"She IS beautiful, made even MORE so by her natural modesty, discomfort and slight awkwardness at being center of attention. Great actress too, Hunger Games was brilliant. She'll be in the business a long time that one," Ghost wrote.

"I have so much love for Jennifer Lawrence. When I first saw her on the red carpet at the 2010 Oscars, I thought she looked really arrogant. But when you see her in interviews, she comes across as a normal girl with a strong sense of self," Jess added. "She seems really grounded and unwilling to bow to pressure to look a certain way or take certain roles. She's one of the best role models in Hollywood right now for young women."