Jennifer Lawrence Helps Collapsed Woman, Imitates Her 'Hunger Games' Character (PHOTO)

Jennifer Lawrence, the new face of "Hunger Games," took her role as heroine to a new level on Monday when she ran to the aid of a woman in need.

The "Hunger Games" actress ran to the side of a fallen woman in Santa Monica, California on Monday after the woman had apparently collapsed, Us Weekly reported.

"The 911 call came in around 6:41 p.m. on Monday evening. Jennifer Lawrence and some other locals helped a juvenile female who appeared to have been drinking and was outside an apartment building," the police reported to Us Weekly.

The actress plays the role of the heroine in her latest film "Hunger Games." The image conjured up by her recent actions with the collapsed girl seem ever so similar to one Katniss Everdeen kneeling over the body of Rue. Dressed in a black tank top and flip flops, the actress kneeled anxiously over the girl and attempted to talk to her while she and others standing nearby awaited emergency services.

"Miss Lawrence and several others waited beside the female until the police and paramedics arrived," Sergeant Richard Lewis stated. "It was not serious and the female will be okay. Her name is not being released because of her age."

A neighbor suggested that Lawrence had attempted to comfort the girl while she was laying sprawled out in the grass.

"Some people who had been passing by- including Jennifer Lawrence- stood and comforted her until help arrived," the observer told Us Weekly.

"Hunger Games," a three part novel series written for young adults, has become a recent craze particularly after the movie was released. The book centers around Katniss, played by Lawrence, who stand up against a rotten government system in order to protect her family and friends.