Jennifer Lawrence Hosts SNL: Trashes Oscar Competition (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lawrence, winner of the Golden Globe for "Best Actress," revealed that she could be the "funny girl" over the weekend while hosting an episode of "Saturday Night Live." For laughs, the actress decided to trash her Oscar competition.

Lawrence opened the show joking about her two kid brothers who beat her up after she taunted them about winning an award. "Its gone now," the actress said of her Golden Globe. Lawrence also touched upon Tommy Lee Jones. She said Jones was "the funniest man that she has ever met" so she invited him to the show. Jones appeared in the audience played by an SNL actor, with a stony face.

Lawrence proceeded by making jokes to the fake Jones, who kept on a stern face as the live audience surrounding him gave out hearty laughs. The "Hunger Games actress" also mentioned allegedly trash talking Meryl Streep. After the Globes, Lawrence was accused of dismissing Streep when she announced on stage "I beat Meryl Streep." The line however, was a quote from the "First Wives Club" Lawrence explained.

"I would never trash talk any of my fellow nominees at the Golden Globes," Lawrence added. "But the Oscars are another story."

Lawrence and her co-star Bradley Cooper were both nominated for Oscars as "Best Actress" and "Best Actor" in the film "Silver Linings Playbook."

"Ladies I love you all but you're about to get served," Lawrence said as pictures on the screen flashed, showing actresses who were also nominated for Best Actress. "Well, well, well. Look who it is. Jessica Chastain. More like, Jessica ain't winning no Oscar on my watch," Lawrence joked, putting a hand on her hip. "In 'Zero Dark Thrity' you caught Bin Laden. So what. In 'Winter's Bone' I caught a squirrel and I ate it. Boom!"

Lawrence also addressed her other competition.

"Naomi Watts. You were in the 'Impossibles.' You know what else is impossible? You beating me on Oscar night... Naomi what's her problem. You're gonna lose!"

The actress also attacked the younger competition.

"Who's Next?" Lawrence asked. "Oh it's nine-year-old Quvenzhane Wallace. You think you can beat me? Whatchu takin about Wallace!"