Jennifer Lopez Pilot About Lesbian Couple and Family Confirmed by ABC Family

Jennifer Lopez's production company has been given the go ahead to produce a pilot for ABC Family. Her new show is sure to cause divisive debates however, and will be about a lesbian couple and their diverse family unit.

Lopez's new show will be called "The Fosters" and will be a comedy drama, according to ABC Family. The story will be about two women raising a "21st Century" multi-ethnic family consisting of both biological children and foster children.

Lopez has already reportedly signed up to be the executive producer for the show's pilot, which will be an hour long project.

Casting for the show has not been confirmed as yet, but is expected to move forward quickly now that ABC has signed off on the deal.

Lopez's production company is becoming increasingly active, and is already developing another TV series at present titled "Taming Ben Taylor." That series will be a romantic comedy about an actress-singer like Lopez herself.

Another project in the works at "Nuyorican" is "Sweet Little 15" which is about a Mexican teenager and her story of coming of age.

Lopez is reportedly investing increasing amounts of time into her production company now following her exit from American Idol. She plans to increase the TV project works as well as develop further feature films through her production company in the coming years.