Jennifer Love Hewitt, Fiancé Spat with Paparazzi

Jennifer Love Hewitt and her fiancé Brian Hallisay are the latest celebrities to lash out on the paparazzo in Los Angeles, California this week.

The pregnant actress and Hallisay had enjoyed dinner together on Friday and were leaving a restaurant when aggressive photographers approached.

According to reports, Hallisay became aggravated after photographers ignored his requests to stop snapping photos when the 34-year-old actor got into a scuffle, according to TMZ.

As a result, a photographer has reportedly filed battery charges against Hewitt's fiancé, claiming that Hallisay hit him near the eye during the run-in.

Hewitt nor Hallisay have commented on the reports. The couple is expecting their first child in December.

Meanwhile, countless celebrities have publicly lamented the media's following in public areas; however, their complaints are often met with those who feel it is the price of stardom. The topic remains widely controversial, especially in Los Angeles, where laws are in motion to protect both celebrities and paparazzi.

Furthermore, Hewitt and Hallisay are not the only celebrities to be named in battery suits filed by paparazzo. A past incident saw Sean Penn in a violent altercation with a photographer that involved kicking, resulting in a three-year probation for the actor.

Also, Justin Bieber admitted his rocky relationship with paparazzi while in London earlier this year.

"My relationship with the media is not always easy but I'm trying," wrote the singer on his Twitter account. "Im all about the music and the performance and I respect my fans. I never have any intent to upset or let anyone down. And Im not okay with things being exaggerated once again sorry for anyone upset."

Then, just last month, famed celebrity moms Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry testified in favor of stronger anti-paparazzo laws in order to protect their children.