Jennifer Williams in Twitter Battle With Eric Over Prolonged Divorce

Former "Basketball Wives" star Jennifer Williams recently took to Twitter to respond to a tweet from her husband Eric, and the estranged couple proceeded to publicize what appears to be never-ending divorce drama.

Eric, a former NBA player, is accused of prolonging their divorce in an attempt to stall the proceedings but he recently accused Williams, who filed for divorce in June 2011, of doing the same thing.

"Tell [Jennifer] 2call me...she know what for..." Eric tweeted to a follower who appeared to be a mutual friend also adding "I ain't playing either."

"[Eric] what is there to discuss beside you dragging this court date to the MAX??? I been more than patient! Over it," Jennifer responded.

"[Jennifer] u answer my tweet but not my personal calls. Get rest I let u sleep on this response coz urs dont make no cents. #sense," Eric tweeted.

"[Eric] answer your call to say you want to push the court date back 60 days! Uh no! Please leave me alone! #block&report2spam," Jennifer replied.

Eric, 40, then accused Jennifer, 36, of only tweeting him for publicity, to which the reality TV star did not respond.

The Twitter feud comes two months after Eric's love child debacle, in which a woman named Tavia Serena Cannon accused him of fathering her child during his marriage to Jennifer.

Cannon filed a legal complaint in Pennsylvania in July, requesting child support for a child that she claims to have conceived with Eric and which was delivered in October 2011.

Jennifer, who was still legally married to Eric during the time of alleged conception, was reportedly stunned to learn about his love child and revealed that she knew nothing about the affair.

The estranged couple was often seen bickering on the Vh1 reality TV show, and their marital woes became an ongoing plotline for the show.

Jennifer finally decided to finally end the marriage for good and filed divorce papers during season three, although the divorce was still not yet finalized in season four.