Jennifer Williams Quotes Mother Teresa While Giving Godly Love Advice

Jennifer Williams, former star of VH1's "Basketball Wives," recently offered some spiritual advice about finding new love after divorce.

Williams filed for divorce from her ex-husband and former NBA player Eric in 2011. After the divorce proceedings played out in various media headlines, the former reality television star and entrepreneur, who is currently dating Cisco Rosado of CMG Entertainment, is opening up about love.

Williams, the creator of Lucid cosmetics, revealed that she needed time to heal after her divorce.

"When I first started going through my divorce, my initial reaction was I need to date someone. That rebound guy, someone to distract me from my real feelings," Williams wrote on her Lucid blog. "When I got that, I realized it was a temporary fulfillment. What I really needed was to heal my soul and my heart so I could genuinely be open to honestly and wholeheartedly truly loving again."

The former "Basketball Wives" star spoke about the importance of people focusing on themselves before focusing on love and trusting in God to provide the right mate.

"Love requires work and compromise. I also feel like when you least expect it, love will knock you over," Williams wrote on her blog. "Focus on yourself; work, family, friends and whatever else makes you happy and when God feels you are ready he will bring you the perfect companion."

She spoke about the importance of face-to-face communication in spite of technological advances.

"Communication is key to a thriving, loving, healthy relationship. Nowadays everyone gets caught up in texting," Williams wrote. "A relationship cannot survive when a 'new message' alert is your lifeline. Pick up the phone and listen to each other's voice."

After wishing people well in their pursuits for love, Williams quoted well-known Catholic nun Mother Teresa.

"Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love," the quote from Mother Teresa read.