Jenny McCarthy and Botox: How 39-Year-Olds Stay Young

Jenny McCarthy revealed Botox as one of the ways she maintains her youthful appearance, even as the mother of one pushes 40.

Jenny McCarthy and her Botox treatments are "obvious," she told Life & Style magazine- as a celebrity who has been in the public eye since her 1993 Playboy debut, she has used her youngish looks to transition into a successful television and movie career.

"I'm an obvious Botox user. I tell everyone," she admitted to Life & Style. "I get Botox in my forehead. I just have my doctor do a little shot."

Although the 39-year-old recommends the treatment- which can cost anywhere from $200 to $500, depending on the cosmetic surgeon- she also has another way to stay beautiful in front of the camera: her sister.

"Having your sister be your professional make-up artist helps," said McCarthy. She also alluded to her own personal health being a factor, saying "I just kind of take care of myself."

Jenny McCarthy's combination of Botox, makeup, and staying healthy seem to be working, as she recently started dating NFL middle linebacker Brian Urlacher. The Chicago Bears' player is one of the most feared backs in the league, and McCarthy says she wants to take things slow, as they just started dating in April.

"I haven't made too many comments other than the fact that I'm taking baby steps. We'll see. But I'm giddy right now," the comedienne said.


She has reason to be cautious; her 9-year-old son, Evan, is especially sensitive, as he was diagnosed with autism in 2005. It could take Urlacher some time to earn her trust.

"I have a six-month rule. I don't introduce my son to anybody unless someone makes it six months," said the mother.

McCarthy could also be cautious because of the way her last two relationships ended. The actress married John Asher Sept. 11, 1999 and had Evan, but they couple divorced in 2005, due to Asher not being able to cope, according to McCarthy.

She also dated comedian and actor Jim Carrey December of 2005 and split in April 2010.