Jenny McCarthy Looks for Love on Dating Website, Actress Calls Hollywood Men Wimpy

Jenny McCarthy recently revealed she uses an online dating website because the men in Hollywood are not man enough.

McCarthy said she has a profile on during her appearance on the "The Rosie Show" earlier this month.

The actress also said men in Hollywood are different then men in her hometown of Chicago.

"I'm from Chicago. I'm from the South Side, where guys eat meat and potatoes. They don't know what a vegetarian means. They're a guy through and through," said McCarthy in an interview at the American Music Awards on Sunday. "Out here, they want to borrow my makeup and concealer. I want to bring a little bit of importing into my life hopefully, and look for guys outside of LA."

"It's tough to find a man's man," she added.

McCarthy also claims appearances are not important.

"I don't care if they have a big nose. I don't care if they're bald. Just really sweet and who's a perfect reflection of who I am now,” McCarthy said.

The actress said she has a picture of her pregnant sister on her Match profile to prevent contact from guys who just want to date a celebrity.

McCarthy weighed in on the media's effect on celebrity relationships.

"If you get caught up in people's perceptions a little bit too much, it can overtake the relationship. When you're on the street and people are hounding you and saying things over and over again, it's really hard to keep that wall up and pretend it doesn't bother you," she said.

"We're all human, so no matter what, it's going to hurt. It will chip away at even a good relationship," McCarthy added.

McCarthy dated Jim Carrey for five years before the couple split in April 2010.