Jeremy Camp Launches Speaking Louder Ministries

Christian music star Jeremy Camp has launched a ministry to raise awareness of local outreach efforts and to mobilize Christians into action within their own communities.

The launch of Speaking Louder Ministries, which builds off of Camp's recent album release Speaking Louder Than Before, was announced Friday, one week after the ministry's first series of local outreaches hit Sioux Falls, S.D.; Minneapolis, Minn.; and Fargo, N.D.

At each local level, the partners with Speaking Louder promoted Camp's concert and a local organization to meet the needs of the community. Through the site, volunteers were recruited and greeted concertgoers collecting the goods that were requested for the organization.

"The response was overwhelming," Camp reported earlier this week after the recent outreach efforts.

Starting in Sioux Falls, Speaking Louder raised awareness for the McCrossan Boys Ranch, which houses more than 60 young men, ranging from ages 10-17 years old, who have been displaced by family or lost a parent.

"At the show we asked for people coming to bring winter clothes for them, and that they did! Was amazing response that night," Camp reported.

The next day, Friday, Camp went to Minneapolis to visit and spread compassion for children and their families at the Minneapolis Children's Hospital. The community there was asked to bring Valentines of some form and, as Camp reported, the response was "overwhelming."

"Over 30,000 cards, candy, little teddy bears all came in – so much so that the churches ... dove in and helped give them out this week along with [radio station] KTIS to elementary schools, day cares, etc., in the Minneapolis area," exclaimed Camp. "Praise God!"

Lastly, Camp stopped by Fargo to raise awareness for a homeless shelter, drawing more than 1,000 pounds of donated food through his concert.

"[It's] just so amazing what God can do when His people unite and help encourage each other," Camp reflected afterward. "We so often get so caught up in what we are doing, that we forget about the world around us."

According to Camp's publicists, the ministry will be an ongoing outreach to the communities Camp visits throughout the year and specifically as he tours in the fall.

Beginning Mar. 17 in Billings, Mont., Camp will be touring on "The Rock & Roll Worship Roadshow," featuring MercyMe, Hawk Nelson and Tenth Avenue North and Addison Road.

Camp's latest album, Speaking Louder Than Before has already sold more than 120,000 units and the hit song "There Will Be a Day" has been downloaded more than 100,000 times. This week the song remained at No. 1 for the 13th week at AC Indicator. It also stayed at No. 1 for 9 weeks at CHR.