Jeremy Camp's Speaking Louder Ministries to Bring Believers to the Ends of the Earth for Christ

Christian artist Jeremy Camp recently launched his new Speaking Louder Ministries, based off his album Speaking Louder Than Before, and wants to create a whole new realm of worship as an artist and as a believer who has the opportunity to spread the gospel.

"To speak loud enough with our lives that the message of Christ reaches every corner of the world and to reach out to the lost and the hurting with the good news of the gospel. To inspire and give other believers the opportunity to be the heart and hands of Jesus in their community," Speaking Louder's mission statement says on the site.

Camp speaks about this ministry being 15 years in the making as he has finally come to a point in his life where he is ready to let go and surrender all to God night after night in worship.

"This is where I find myself at this point – convicted yet excited about what the Lord has done in my life personally. I don't want to stand on stage night after night, without being on my face beforehand truly crying out for those that have come to the event," Camp said in a press release. "I am realizing that there are opportunities everyday to encourage, evangelize, or exhort someone. I am not taking this lightly. We have opportunities to be used by the living God on a daily basis and I don't need the platform of a concert hall to do so."

The ministry will focus on living out the Great Commission, and learning and striving to be a believer that will go to the ends of the Earth to proclaim the name of Christ.

"The reality of Scripture is that WE are the church – not a building.  As the church, each one of us can and should be the heart and hands of Christ to all.  God has made it very clear in His Word that all believers are called to reflect the light of Jesus in the dark places of this world and among those who are lost and perishing without hope," Speaking Louder posted on their site.

Speaking Louder Ministries will be looking to partner up with churches in an effort to push out this movement. Camp said there will be crusade style events free of charge where attendees will be able to engage and know who Jesus Christ is.