Jeremy Lin Asks Fans to Pray His Testimony Will Bring People to Christ on Asia Tour

(Photo: Reuters/Steve Mitchell/USA Today Sports)Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin (7) drives to the basket as Miami Heat guard Josh Richardson (0) defends during the first half in game one of the first round of the NBA Playoffs at American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida, April 17, 2016.

Before Jeremy Lin embarked on his annual tour of Asia, he asked his digital prayer group for support.

In his 22nd email full of prayer requests, the NBA free agent asked people to pray for the events that will take place along the tour.

"I'm in Asia for my Asia tour and tonight I have, what I consider, possibly the most important event of the trip," Lin emailed his prayer group on Saturday. "Please pray for me to speak with love, to be empowered by Christ and for everyone who listens to have a soft heart to hear God's love and respond by giving their lives to Him."

The basketball star flew to Taiwan where he coached a basketball camp in Kaohsiung last weekend before attending a Christian gathering to share his testimony, according to Focus Taiwan. Following the Taiwan leg of his tour, Lin traveled to Taipei where he will stay until June 16. During his tour in Taipei, Lin held promotional events and a meet-and-greet and took part in a charity event and seminar.

In 2014, Lin started his digital prayer group for Christian fans to intercede for him and one another. Lin said he decided to start his prayer group after a number of his supporters inquired about ways they could pray for him.

"The journey I've been on has had its ups and downs and I appreciate all of your support throughout. Some of you have asked how to pray for me so I decided to start a prayer group where I can send out requests for those that want to pray and support," Lin wrote on his website last year. "Please feel free to share with others you think would be interested. So much of what happens is out of our control, but prayer has been a place I have consistently found peace with God."

While Lin has frequently sent out prayer requests for himself he has also encouraged his fans to pray for each other.

"You guys have been such an awesome prayer support group. Many of you have sent in your own prayer requests," Lin emailed his prayer group in a message titled "Jeremy Lin Prayer Requests 11." "So I thought it would be cool to have you guys pray for one another too."

In an interview with the  Los Angeles Times last year, Lin said his spiritual life is a big part of his game, though he had to learn to surrender everything to God in order to find peace on the court. "When I was a rookie, I put myself through mental torment. I can't do that anymore. So now I'm just growing more as a person spiritually and just learning to surrender it all. It gives me a lot of peace, man."