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Jeremy Lin Asks People to Pray for Chemistry With New Charlotte Hornets Team

Jeremy Lin Asks People to Pray for Chemistry With New Charlotte Hornets Team

NBA player Jeremy Lin attends a promotional event as part of his Asia tour in Taipei, Taiwan, June 29, 2015. Lin will be in Taiwan for various events, including a youth basketball camp. | (Photo: Reuters/Pichi Chuang)

After a tumultuous season with the Los Angeles Lakers, Jeremy Lin is asking people to pray that he has good chemistry with the his new teammates and coach of the Charlotte Hornets.

Lin, the 26-year-old point guard, has been vocal about his hardships with the Lakers, where he had trouble playing to the best of his ability. After the team failed to make it to the playoffs, Lin left the Lakers to try his hand in the free agency market.

He was picked up by the Hornets who are being coached by Steve Clifford, who's been with the team since 2013. In an email titled, "Jeremy's Prayer Requests," Lin requested that people include his new team in their prayers.

The Christian athlete also made sure he glorified God after being picked up by the team during his recent free agency.

"Praise God for me landing in Charlotte!! I truly believe God specifically placed me in Charlotte, as He left one obvious door open and closed the rest," Lin wrote. "Initially, Charlotte wasn't even on my list of top destinations, but my journey has always had unexpected but divine turns and surprises."

He went on to request "prayer that I would build great chemistry with coach Clifford and my teammates in Charlotte," and "prayer that I wouldn't fall into a complacent or comfortable state spiritually during an offseason with less stress/pressure, but that I would greatly thirst and desire God's presence daily."

While Lin also asked for prayer for his brothers who were starting to play professional basketball in Taiwan and a dental pediatrics residency, he ended his bullet pointed email by thanking his prayer warriors.

"I just feel very strongly about this, so I just want my last bullet point to be a praise to God for giving me an army of prayer warriors (you guys)," Lin wrote with exclamation points.

Last year, Lin introduced his digital prayer group to fans which sends an email of prayers to those who subscribe on his website.

"The journey I've been on has had its ups and downs and I appreciate all of your support throughout. Some of you have asked how to pray for me so I decided to start a prayer group where I can send out requests for those that want to pray and support," Lin wrote on his website last year. "Please feel free to share with others you think would be interested. So much of what happens is out of our control, but prayer has been a place I have consistently found peace with God."

Last May, Lin emailed those in his prayer group to thank them for lifting him in prayer during a season where he described himself feeling "burned out" with a lack of passion.

"Praise God for helping me through this past season. Also, thank God for all you prayer warriors," Lin said in the May email addressed to his prayer group which reads "Jeremy's Prayer Requests 8." "This was the first year that I've sent out prayer requests and it is something I plan on continuing because I feel SO blessed to have people willing to pray and support me spiritually!"

The NBA player has made it clear that his spiritual life is a big part of his game and previously spoke about the importance of learning to grow spiritually for improved peace on the court.

"When I was a rookie, I put myself through mental torment. I can't do that anymore," Lin said in a Los Angeles Times report. "So now I'm just growing more as a person spiritually and just learning to surrender it all. It gives me a lot of peace, man."


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